Pirates of the Caribbean - Disney Home Video Feature

Looney Tunes - Warner Bros. Theatrical Shorts

harper house - cbs/titMouse

Hercules the Series - Disney

Monsters - from my book The Monsters Among Us

What a Hoot! It's Ginger Root!- a personal project

Spaced Crusaders - a personal project

Toolbox 9

Seven Spiders Spinning - Film Roman development

Thumbelina Feature - Hyperion Entertainment

Miscellaneous Designs

Gavin Dell Biography

Gavin Dell is a character designer for films, games, and television. In 2020 he became the lead designer for the Primetime show Harper House for CBS being released in September of 2021. He has used his talents to develop features such as Warner Bros. Classic Looney Tunes to Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Home Video Feature. His experience as a feature animator has given him an exceptional foundation for posing characters on expression sheets and turnarounds.

Disney hired Gavin to be the Lead Character Designer on Hercules the Series. He developed his own personal projects and landed a development deal with Disney for his show What a Hoot! It's Ginger Root.

Gavin’s versatility earned him the design supervisor position for a game studio in Santa Monica called Frame Machine. There he developed new IPs for several years for both traditional and cg animated productions.

Gavin loves being part of the creative process and collaborating with others. He believes “there is nothing better than being a part of a team of exceptional artists making an amazing story out of our minds and our hands.”

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