Highly experienced with traditional and computer key frame animation, motion capture, cg previsualization storytelling and project management in a creative environment. Proven skills with creating efficient workflow and high quality product delivery. Excellent directing and writing skills with stories and screenplays.

SOFTWARE- Toonboom, Maya, 3D Studio, XSI, Premiere, Excel, Perforce, Alienbrain

Supervising Designer
“Harper House” Primetime Television Series
Titmouse Studios 2020

Assistant Director
“Disenchantment” Season 2
Rough Draft Studios 2019-2020

“Central Park” Pilot and 1st season
Bentobox Entertainment 2019

Director of three episodes
“Guess Who Scooby Doo?” 1st Season
Warner Bros Animation 2018

Story Artist
“Elena of Avalor”
Walt Disney Television Animation 2015-2017

Director of three episodes
“Bordertown” animated series. 1st Season
Fox Primetime Bentobox 2014

“Bear in Underwear” animated pilot
Amazon Studios/Bentobox 2014

Director of three episodes
“Family Guy” animated series. Second Season
Fox Primetime 1998-09

Previsulization Artist (cg storyboard)
Universal Pictures live action
Title- “The Thing” prequel
Storyboarded in the computer multiple sequences for Director approval
Added fx and lighting to sequence and rendered

Previsulization Artist (cg storyboard)
“The Life of Pi”
Storyboarded in the computer multiple sequences for Director approval
Added fx and lighting to sequence and rendered

Lead Cinematic CG Animator
Technicolor Interactive- 2008-09
Titles- Darksiders, Big League Sports, Jurassic Hunter, Silent Hill Shattered Memories
Managed and supervised all animation asset production and delivery
Animator Gears of War 2, Sabateur, Matt Hazard
Supervising Previs artist on multiple projects

Lead CG Animator
Bionic Games- 2007-08
Spyborgs Wii Game
Responsible for all in game and cinematic animation for new
Cutting-edge, action-based Wii title with 5 playable characters

Lead Cinematic CG Animator
The Collective- 2006-07
Titles- Dirty Harry and Silent Hill Homecoming
Responsible for all cinematic content and game camera cinematography for all games in production.

Storyboard Artist 2D
Disney Television Animation 2015-2017
“Elena of Avalor” and “The Lion Guard”

Storyboard Artist 2D
Film Roman 2013
“Camp WWE” pilot shorts for series Produced and Directed by Brian Sheesley

Storyboard Artist 2D
Film Roman 2013
“Dan Vs.” Primetime Series
Storyboard on three episodes for season two

Storyboard Artist 2D
Warner Bros. Animation 2009-2010
“Looney Tunes Show”
Storyboard Artist
Disney Television Animation 2000-2003
Titles- Teamo Supremo, House of Mouse

CG Animator
Z-Axis and Activision 2004-06
“Xmen 3” the game for all platforms.
In charge of key frame animating all of Nightcrawler’s in game motions.

Lead Character Designer
“Pirates of the Caribbean” home video feature and “Hercules” television series

2D Animator
Warner Bros. Feature Animation “Looney Tunes Back in Action”
Warner Bros. Feature Shorts on “Classic Looney Tunes” 2002-03

2D Animator
Turner Feature Animation 2004-05
“Cat’s Don’t Dance” Female Lead “Sawyer”

2D Animator
Freelance- Chuck Jones
“Chariots of Fur,” Roadrunner short and “Stay Tuned” feature.

Character Layout
Film Roman 1992-94
“The Simpsons” and “The Critic”.

2D Animator
Amblin Entertainment /Universal Cartoons
“A Wish for Wings” Christmas special featuring Opus the Penguin and Bill the Cat.
“Family Dog” TV series Produced by Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton

Storyboard Revisionist
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles original series
Murakimi Wolf Swenson Season Two

California Institute of the Arts
Animation Program

Brian Horton
Lead Artist- The Collective

Ron Hughart
Director- American Dad

Bob Bowen
Supervising Director- Bordertown

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