Gavin Dell

Software: Maya, 3D Studio Max, XSI, Premiere, Vegas, Photoshop, Moviemaker, Word, Excel, Perforce, Alienbrain

My goal is to be a valuable part of a production making high quality artistic products.


Directing Experience

 Fox Primetime “Bordertown” 2014
Director on two episodes
Directed fifteen people from Background layout, Prop Design, Story Artists, Layout Artists to Timers and Checkers. Storyboarded and managed storyboard artists in translating the script into visual panels.
 Amazon Prime “Bear In Underwear” 2014
Director on pilot episode
Supervised Background layout, Prop Design, Story Artists, Voice Actors and designers. Storyboarded and managed storyboard artists in translating the script into visual panels.

Disney Television Animation  ”What a Hoot It’s Ginger Root!” 2002

      Creator and Executive Producer of “What a Hoot! It’s Ginger Root” an animated preschool program.

Fox Primetime “Family Guy” 2001
Director on three episodes
Directed fifteen people from Background layout, Prop Design, Story Artists, Layout Artists to Timers and Checkers. Storyboarded and managed storyboard artists in translating the script into visual panels.


Story Experience

Warner Bros. Animation 2010 
Storyboard on”The Looney Tunes Show”
Storyboard cleanup/character layout
Disney TV Animation 01-02
Storyboard on “House of Mouse/Mouse Works” and “Teamo Supremo”.
Translated the script into visual panels providing the staging for scenes and every character acting pose.
Arranged panels to coordinated the pace of the show.
Disney Home Video Feature 2002
Created the story and storyboards for “The Haunted Mansion” feature.
Wrote a story outline and created color storyboards to illustrate major story moments.
Warner Bros. Feature Animation 1995
Story development on “The Zoo” and storyboard for “The Jester“.
Elaborated on basic story concept to further develop the characters and story.
Wrote a thirty-five page detailed story outline for “The Zoo“.
Hyperion Entertainment 91-93
Story development on “Nicholas Cricket“.
Collaborated with story team to create a feature film version of the children’s book.
Fred Wolf Productions 1990
Storyboard on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles“.


Previsualisation Experience

Universal Pictures and Proof Inc. 2010
      Previs artist/Animator- “The Thing” Prequel
Halon Entertainment 2010
    Previs artist/Animator- “The Life of Pi”


Lead Animator Experience

Technicolor Interactive 08-09
Lead Animator – Darksiders, Big League Sports, Future Hunter, Silent Hill “Shattered Memories”
Animator – Gears of War 2, Sabateur, Matt Hazard
Supervising Previs artist- Darksiders, Big League Sports, Future Hunter
 Bionic Games  07-08                                                                                                                                                                                     
Responsible for all in game and cinematic animation for new cutting edge action based Wii title with 5 playable characters. Wrote script and storyboarded all cinematics for the prototype. Provided temporary voice acting for prototype. Wrote scripts for mini games. Created in game camera animations for key action sequences. Managed and scheduled department needs. Participated heavily in concepts for character development for all main characters.


Animator Experience

 Frame Machine 2011-2013

Senior CG Animator  on Tomb Raider, Battlefield 4, Saints Row 3.5 and 4


Z-Axis (Activision) & Activision Xmen 3” 3/04 – 3/06

CG Animator
In charge of key frame animating all of Nightcrawler’s in game motions. Also participated in animating Wolverine and all enemies that contact with Nightcrawler. Worked closely with Game Designers and Programmers to create and conceive original and dynamic motions. Prepared motion capture scenes for some cinematics for Wolverine using Maya.
 Sony Computer Entertainment America Heroes” game for Playstation 2 6/03 – 1/04
CG Animator
Created exciting key frame animation for in game moves and special attacks.
 Warner Bros. Feature Animation “Looney Tunes Back in Action” 1/03 – 6/03
2D Animator
Animated Bugs and Daffy in many scenes following strict production deadlines.
 Warner Bros. Feature Shorts on “Classic Looney Tunes” 11/02 – 12/03
2D Animator
Animated Daffy and Granny on many scenes.
 Turner Feature Animation Cat’s Don’t Dance” 94-96
2D Animator
Animated many scenes of female lead character named Sawyer.
 Hyperion Entertainment Bebe’s Kidsfeature,Itsy Bitsy Spider“, “ Wooly Bullyshorts 92-94
Animator on “Bebe’s Kids” feature. “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, and “Wooly Bully” shorts.
Animated on all characters for each project.
All appeared in theaters in 1992.
Freelance – Chuck Jones “Chariots of Fur”, Roadrunner short and “Stay Tuned” feature
Animator on “Chariots of Fur,” Roadrunner short and “Stay Tuned” for feature.
Film Roman “The Simpsons” and “The Critic”
      Animated key poses from storyboards to be sent overseas for inbetweening.
Universal Cartoons “A Wish for Wings” Christmas special featuring Opus the Penguin and Bill the Cat
2D Animator
Animated Opus, Bill, Crazy Chicken, and Ducks in many scenes.
Amblin Entertainment “Family Dog” TV series Produced by Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton
2D Animator


Character Design Experience

Frame Machine 2011-2013

Head of Development for all new IP’s

Warner Bros. Theatrical Shorts 2003

Character Design for classic “Looney Tunes” theatrical shorts.
Disney Home Video Feature 98-99
Designer and developer of the entire cast for “Pirates of the Caribbean”.
(Animated)Created the design style and designed a cast of 190 characters including; character turnarounds, mouth charts for animation, rough acting poses and animation walk cycles.
Disney TV Animation 96-98
Character designer on the animated series, “Hercules“.
Following the design style of the feature film, I lead the design group of four in creating new characters for sixty-five episodes. Designing new heroes, villains, incidental townspeople, etc… including character turnarounds and mouth charts.Character designer for the show “Clerks”
Warner Bros. Feature Animation 1995
Character Design on “The Zoo” and “The Jester“.
Explored character designs for both feature films by sketching and coloring numerous design directions.
Hyperion Entertainment 1992
Character Design for “Tom Thumb and Thumbelina” feature.
Designed most of the main cast and included color suggestions.


Character Layout

  Film Roman

      The Simpsons” and “The Critic“.

       Drew all acting poses using storyboard reference.

       Planned out all character movement and rough design for backgrounds.


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