GAVIN DELL has 19 years experience as an animator in both traditional and computer animation. Gavin has also been a director for primetime television, a storyboard artist, and a lead character designer for a television series and feature film.

Gavin began studying animation in the late 80’s at California Institute of the Arts. Previously he had developed his artistic ability drawing monsters from Heavy Metal and Epic illustrated magazines. He began his animation experience on the infamous television series “Family Dog,” produced by Tim Burton and Steven Spielberg. His first feature film came next on a movie called “Bebe’s Kids” for the Hudlin Bros.. Gavin’s career as an animator continued on several seasons on “The Simpson’s” and “The Critic” at Film Roman.

After animating for several years Gavin began developing his own projects and because of his imaginative character designs was hired to design characters for the new “Pink Panther” series. Next he began as an animator on the industry acclaimed film “Cat’s Don’t Dance”.

His work at Turner achieved him the opportunity to work in visual development at Warner Bros. Feature Animation. He wrote and developed on several projects at Warner Bros. Until he was offered the opportunity to be the lead designer of the Disney Television series “Hercules” based on the feature film with production design by Gerald Scarfe (Pink Floyd The Wall). His dedication to designing everyday for over 2 years and the sophistication of Scarfe’s style from Hercules developed Gavin’s skills and garnered him enough attention that he was offered the opportunity to design the entire cast for the feature film “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Yes, it began as an animated film! The project was rescripted as a live action feature after over a year of work and the rest was history.

Opportunity came knocking again when his relationship with the executives from Hanna Barbera offered his first opportunity to direct on the Fox Primetime series “Family Guy”. He directed three episodes in season two including the infamous "Brian Goes to Hollywood" episode.

Gavin’s traditional animation career came to it’s poetic completion working on his favorite characters from childhood “Looney Tunes”. First he began by designing the characters for a dozen theatrical shorts including new models for his favorite characters, Daffy, the Roadrunner and Yosemite Sam. Then he got to animate with legendary Disney animator Eric Goldberg on the new film “Looney Tunes Back in Action”.

During this time Gavin reclaimed his love for video games playing them with his two boys at home. The potential for him to use his artistic abilities in this explosive media sparked him to move into 3D. He began on a superhero game for Sony, then conquered the entire character of Nightcrawler for X-Men 3 the game. His work on Nightcrawler along with his film experience landed him a spot as Lead Cinematic Animator on two triple A titles, "Dirty Harry" and "Silent Hill 5", where he managed and Lead all cinematic animation for the studio. He also contributed heavily to story and design for both games using his background in story and character development. After "Dirty Harry" was cancelled Gavin moved into a new exciting challenge of Lead Animator for a Wii title for Capcom at Bionic Games.

In 2009 he joined the team at Technicolor Interactive Services to lead several projects to cinematic completion. These included Gears of War 2, Silent Hill Shattered Memories, Activision’s Jurassic Hunter, and Darksiders.

Shortly after he returned to Warner Bros. for more Bugs and Daffy on the Looney Tunes Show. During this time Gavin was asked to design characters for a new product called Growums which teaches kids to grow their own gardens full of veggies. He designed over 50 characters and now Growums is on the shelves and is also sponsored by the WNBA where you can see his characters jumping around as mascots at the games.

Gavin has also spent the last five years writing live action comedy screenplays. They are currently circulating in Hollywood looking for a big screen deal.

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